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Jenn reads minds and knows you're probably looking for extra motivation, insight and inspiration to support your feel-better healthstyle. Not really, the truth is often times she's asked for recommendations. So she figures why not save you the ask. These hand-picked items are personal faves or come highly recommended by trustworthy women like you. What's wrong with a little retail therapy, especially if you bring home a few new things to nurture your heart and soul?

Dream Catcher Goody Bags

Whether you sign up for a Dream Catchers event or just love goody bags (who doesn't) there are even Dream Catchers Goody Bags 100% aligned with each event. A new goody bag will be available with each new workshop.

Do You Have an Epic Find to Share?

If you have a 'can't do without' product you think should be added to our faves, send us a note.