Are You Tired of being a dream chaser?


Reach for your dreams with other women during an upcoming Dream Catchers workshop.

Explore new info, get to know you better and find out answers you need to move forward. Refocus your energy and nourish your dreams during these interactive, small group events. Each workshop represents a deep exploration of life changing mind-body nutrition topics so you can practice lessons learned without informational overload. Dream and take us with you!

Don't Knock Our Online Workshops Until You Try 'Em

Dream Catchers are the true unicorn of workshop experiences. Awaken your mind and your five senses to actually feel the words and ideas. Don't believe us? Come try one.

Warning: A single Dream Catchers event could catapult you into a state of badass bliss.

Dream Catchers Online Workshops

The series explores specific Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind-Body Nutrition dimensions so you can journey deeper into your Self and your life waiting to be lived.


Nourishment & Nurturing

  • Stress Detox

  • Silencing Your Internal Radio Station of Toxic Beliefs

  • Art & Rhythm to Balanced Eating

Soul Lessons

  • Living in the Now

  • Freedom through Forgiveness & Truth

  • Embracing Spirituality

Savoring Your Harmonious Life

  • Priotitizing Self-Care

  • Soothing Food Mood Cycles

  • Easing Food Sensitivities

We Are Womankind

  • Pleasure & Nourishment

  • Reclaiming the Feminine

  • Healing Sexuality

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