You're likely here seeking change when transformation is truly what you need - freedom from your unwanted weight, eating habits and digestive distress. Embodhied is a single-word mantra that's more than a mission or vision. It's a way of living: Be in the body and awaken the mind to enlightenment.

The Embodhied experience is the ultimate 'me time' because with the ever-quickening pace of life, it's easy to forget that life happens for you and not to you. Join the Embodhied community and dive into coaching with Jenn to:

  • Make dietary choices to support your busy lifestyle
  • Live a diet-free life happily and healthily
  • Tame unwanted binge and overeating habits
  • Transition out of body image dis-ease and chronic dieting
  • Resolve roller coaster moods, stress and fatigue
  • Make headway with the inability to lose weight
  • Nurture low immunity and food intolerance woes

Whether in-person or online, you'll always have a full-sensory, Embodhied experience. It’s part of the secret sauce to get you feelin’ life.  Let Embodhied be your catalyst to live a compelling life, because after all, your life is too big to be lived small.


Change is simply to make or become different. It has no long-term roots to ground you. Transformation is where the real magic happens, it's a metamorphosis at your core that withstands the test of time.

Embodhied means getting a true sense of your dream life. Once you catch a glimpse of it, it can't be unseen.

Bodhi (Sanskrit: बोधि; and Pali) is traditionally translated as 'enlightenment'. Its literal meaning is closer to "awakening."