Each Embodhied program is strategically crafted with your busy lifestyle in mind to offer effective, individual and group coaching solutions. Single sessions, speaking engagements and corporate programming solutions are also available. For more information, contact Jenn.


Embodhied One-on-One Coaching


CalmBodhi One-One Coaching

28-day jumpstart coaching package

This program is specifically designed for the woman who is ready for change, but doesn’t have the energy to make it happen. CalmBodhi is the most effective way to calm your stress, curb your cravings and reclaim your energy. Using a blended approach of one-to-one coaching session and done-for-you worksheets you will regain control of your life and have the energy you need to stop surviving and start thriving.


MYBODHI One-One Coaching

90-day intensive coaching package

MyBodhi is perfect for driven women who ‘know better’ but still struggle with unwanted weight, eating habits or digestive dis-ease. In just 90-days you can profoundly transform your life 100% on your terms. Learn how to decode your unwanted symptoms so you can take the right steps at the right time to truly transform your healthstyle.


SoulBodhi One-One Coaching

6-month transformational coaching package

Embrace the new you at a nurturing pace with this 6-month coaching program designed for women looking to transform their life and body after a life-altering event. Regain trust in yourself so you can make the right choices to courageously live the inspired life you were meant to love.

Embodhied Dream Catchers

Dream Catchers Workshops

Introspective + experiential online events

Refocus your energy and nourish your dreams during these interactive, small group events facilitated. Understand the 'why' behind your symptoms and create a personalized blueprint to continue your journey offline. Sign-up for the true unicorn of online experiences.

“Your goals may shape shift over time. Some may seem realistic, others too lofty to achieve. I will continue to believe in you and have faith in you until you believe and have faith in yourself.”