MyBodhi 90-Day Instensive

Make peace with your body starting today.

Are you ready to cherish your body? The MyBodhi intensive coaching program is a one-on-one solution dedicated to driven women who ‘know better’ but still struggle with unwanted weight, eating habits and digestive dis-ease. Life is hard enough, let MyBodhi take the struggle out of your way. Sign-up for your complimentary coaching call to remember what it feels like to ease into fulfilling your goals.

In just 90 days you will:

  • Translate your unwanted symptoms into valuable clues to adopt a nourishing healthstyle.
  • Regain trust in yourself to make the right choices to support a thriving healthstyle.
  • Learn how to cherish your body and successfully tame your unwanted weight, eating habits and digestive dis-ease with long-term solutions.

MyBodhi one-on-one coaching with Jenn empowers you to achieve your goals with the right system, support and accountability so you can:

  1. Comfortably make yourself a priority within the context of your busy lifestyle without compromising the things that bring you joy, wholeness and connectedness.
  2. Explore an eating pattern that works for your unique lifestyle to get the right balance of foods at the right times to eliminate unwanted weight, overeating and belly aches.
  3. Transform your healthstyle with long-lasting habits and behaviors that support the holistic well-being of your mind, body and soul.

The MyBodhi approach is meant to fit seemlessly into even the busiest of schedules with a comprehensive toolkit for inevitable success:

  • Membership to the Embodhied Sangha for community support
  • Bi-weekly coaching sessions via phone or Skype
  • Customized, 12-week toolkit of introspective exercises
  • 30-day, post program checkpoint to ensure your long-term success

Book your complimentary session to begin making peace with your body today.