For the Love of Strawberries

If there's one person who deserves the sweetness of all things love this week - it's you. So let's talk give me some lovin' strawberries.

Ever wonder why strawberries get so much attention when Valentine's Day rolls around? Well, according to aphrodisiac food expert Amy Reiley, strawberries are third on the list to heat up a woman's libido. Dark chocolate's tops, followed by peanuts (if you can believe it).

So why aren't we talking about numero uno? Well, since we eat with our eyes first, there's no doubt Cupid would choose those exquisitely shaped little red hearts over a square of chocolate. In fact, ancient Romans considered strawberries the symbol of Venus - love, beauty, desire, sex, fertility, prosperity and victory.

What else makes eating a strawberry as sultry as a Barry White serenade?

  • Red gets our blood pumping, and is often associated with desire.
  • Their supple size and shape make them the perfect accomplice to any seductress.
  • They're delish.
  • The manganese, folate, fiber, K, and C keep sex hormones balanced, and may even reduce PMS symptoms.
  • With 92% water, they'll keep you cool when things heat up.
  • Low in cholesterol, sodium, and saturated fats to keep your heart fit for lovin’.

If you're a lover of the strawberry, but tired of the usual sweets or dark chocolate dipped combos, how about mixing things up this Valentine's Day? Actually, lightening up on the sugar with one of these 14 savory recipes is bound to make you say oo-la-la! Less sugar means more friskiness.

Jenn SchaeferComment